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The next level in hosting with our global hosting infrastructure

  • Choice of locations

    Having your site hosted in a location closer to your visitors delivers faster page load times. Simply choose where to host from.

  • Email included

    All hosting plans include email, allowing you to transform your domain to a professional email address. Easy options to add and manage email addresses.

  • Flexible scalable plans

    Stay in control of your usage, scale your hosting plan to suit your unique requirements with ease.


Hosting plans ready to meet every need.

Select Location
$49/ yr
Web Storage
1500 MB
Monthly Bandwidth
5000 MB
Email Accounts
MySQL Databases
$99/ yr
Web Storage
3000 MB
Monthly Bandwidth
10000 MB
Email Accounts
MySQL Databases
$199/ yr
Web Storage
5000 MB
Monthly Bandwidth
20000 MB
Email Accounts
MySQL Databases
First Class
$249/ yr
Web Storage
7500 MB
Monthly Bandwidth
35000 MB
Email Accounts
MySQL Databases


All of our hosting nodes use the latest software from cPanel, Cloud Linux, Softaculous, K-Splice and R1Soft. This combination ensures that our servers run at maximum speed with the world class security and stability.

  • Cloud Linux

    Cloud Linux

    All our servers run on CloudLinux which is specifically designed around web hosting services. It allows us to limit the amount of CPU, memory and processes a single web site can use. This means a more stable environment as a single user is unable to utilize all system resources. In a typical web hosting environment one abusive user would be able to slow down all web sites on the server or even worse crash the system.

  • cPanel


    All our accounts come with cPanel the most popular web hosting control panel available today. It makes it possible for you to use many of our great features without the need for much knowledge about servers or anything of that nature. Just a few clicks and you have an email setup. Another few clicks you now have your first database setup and you can now access it and manipulate it through the control panel.

  • Softaculous


    Softaculous is an auto installer growing in popularity as an alternative to other installers. It provides over 230 scripts which is significantly more than other installers. It also provides updates at a much more rapid pace than other auto installers available today. The interface it provides is more refined than similar applications; providing useful information like reviews, demos of script functionalities and more.

  • R1 Soft

    R1 Soft

    Based in Houston, Texas, R1Soft is recognized as the leading commercial backup software for Web hosting providers. Known as the fastest, most scalable server backup software for both Windows and Linux platforms in private and public clouds, R1Soft’s Server Backup Manager (SBM) is deployed by more than 2,500 cloud infrastructure providers and protects more than 300,000 servers worldwide.


We never overload our servers

All of our hosting plans are deployed on the latest technology to ensure the best speed and uptime possible to our customers.

All our servers are proactively monitored and patched.

The minimum hardware specs we have on offer

100 Mbps
Intel E-1230
Sandy Bridge
8 GB
4x1 TB
HDD in RAID 10


Our network easily and quickly spans Asia and beyond.

Your data gets perfect routes to where it needs to all the time. We have some of the most comprehensive peering arrangements anywhere. Our peering arrangements provide direct connectivity to many locations outside of our facilities. We have put the time and energy into opening these peering routes for you to be able to provide you with the best connectivity possible.

90 Tons
power feed
Fire Suppresion
x2 pre-action
drypipe system
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