Domain Transfer

Move your domains to Asian's trusted registrar


Transfer Benefits

A few things Asia Registry does better

  • Reliable DNS

    Free DNS hosting is just the beginning. Asia Registry uses the InstraDNS platform which is built on enterprise infrastructure. InstraDNS is hosted in multiple world-class data centres across 4 continents - this minimises the risk of any single network outage bringing our DNS services offline.

  • First Class Support

    All our clients are assigned an account manager to ensure you receive the best value service & possibilities available. If you encounter any technical queries our experienced support team is ready to assist your every domain management need.

  • Secure Service

    Asia Registry is both PCI DSS & IPSec compliant and meets all the ICANN & IETF standards. Our technical team works around the clock to monitor the availability and performance of our services to ensure your domains and personal data are kept safe and secure.

We support many domains for transfer

Majority of all known Asia Pacific & international domain extensions can be transferred to Asia Registry. Transferring multiple domain extensions to Asia Registry provides an opportunity to consolidate your entire domain portfolio with a trusted service provider. Our dedicated account managers and transfer specialists are available to guide you through this process to ensure you receive the best service possible.

Transfer Pre-Requisites

  1. Ensure that your domain does not currently have a Transfer Prohibited status. If your domain does currently have a status such as "CLIENT TRANSFER PROHIBITED", you will need to ask your current registrar to remove this status before we can commence the domain name transfer.
  2. Using WHOIS look up, you must ensure that the Registrant and Administrative email addresses in your domain name record are valid. You should also ensure that you are able to receive emails sent to these email addresses.
  3. If your domain is currently using a WHOIS Privacy Service, you will be required to remove the WHOIS Privacy Service by contacting your current registrar. We cannot proceed with the domain name transfer until the WHOIS Privacy Service has been removed or disabled.
  4. If your domain name is close to the expiry date or has recently expired, there may be issues with initiating a domain name transfer. We recommend contacting your account manager before submitting your transfer if your domain name is due to expire within 5 days or has already expired.
  5. A Verisign managed domain name is "transfer locked" at the registrar level for 60 days following its creation date or a successful transfer date - and cannot be transferred during this time. If your transfer order is not processed within 15 days there may be an issue with the domain, in which case you should get in contact with your account manager.

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