Phone Number Features

competitive call rates are just the beginning


Each virtual phone number comes packed with easy to use features designed to manage your numbers in ways that uniquely suit your calling needs. Best of all, there is no unique device or hardware required. Everything you need to utilise your features to the fullest is available in your control panel.

Choose phone numbers from over 4,000 locations worldwide

We currently offer phone numbers in over 4000 locations in 60 different countries – and that's just the beginning. Due to the advanced nature of our ENUM based technology, there is no difference in redirecting your incoming calls to a phone number next door or one half-way across world. Just as importantly, our state-of-the-art redirection facilities give you complete control over your phone number whatever the time, day, or location, ensuring that your business is always serving your customers needs. If you require a country number that we are not currently listing on this website, please contact our team directly and we will do our very best to secure that number for you.

No unique devices, software or contracts

Our phone number service is designed to be as customer-friendly as possible; to ensure this, we've asked for client feedback from all over the world. You've told us you want a device-independent service with no contracts and no expensive software – and we've listened! When you sign up for our phone numbers, all you'll receive is fantastic pricing, great customer service and cutting-edge technology at your fingertips. No hassle, no fine print, and no hidden costs.

Instant activation

While there may be other call redirection services out there, there's simply nothing like our service. We offer a service which is infinitely more robust, flexible and dynamic than other call redirection systems – and, best of all, you won't need any special devices, and you won't need to buy or download any difficult software. All you need is access to the internet and you're all set up. Simply log in to your dashboard to set the redirection of your calls, and you will receive INSTANT call forwarding services from any of your active international numbers. It really is that easy.

Call redirection

Asia Registry gives you the freedom to register phone numbers from all over the world and to redirect them to any telephone number globally. By using our ground breaking ENUM technology, you can redirect your incoming calls to your office, home, cell phone or VoIP phone at the simple touch of a button. It's never been easier – or cheaper – to keep in touch with your clients and loved ones overseas.

Time-based call redirection

Time-based call redirection enables you to redirect an incoming call to a specific telephone number, depending on the time of day. For example, say you work a 9-5 day. After these hours, you may want to redirect your calls to another part of the world, your mobile or voice mail. Simply access your Dashboard to change redirection depending on the time of day, based on your business needs. This unique feature has great applications for global businesses that have offices around the world – your customers may never need to receive a message bank again. Our time-based call redirection and caller ID redirection services give you the opportunity to provide your valued customers with a truly customer-focused user experience.

Caller ID redirection

Caller ID Redirection gives you the opportunity to identify your most valued customers and to redirect their incoming calls to a dedicated telephone number, set aside especially for them. Our phone numbers are specifically developed to enable companies to identify and offer their customers a unique, personalised calling experience. Offer your customers that special treatment they deserve; identify global incoming calls and give preferred treatment to your higher value customers.

Voicemail alerts via email

With our phone numbers you will have the ability to convert voice messages into WAV files, able to be sent via email. Let's imagine you are travelling to a business meeting overseas. Due to differences in time zones, you may not want to receive calls in the middle of the night, so you choose to have your incoming calls taken as a message and then converted to an email. You receive the email at an address identified by you and listen to your voice mail at leisure.

Fax to email

In the case of an incoming fax, when you enable this feature, it will detect an incoming fax and convert that fax to a PDF document. This PDF document is then emailed to a dedicated address, as directed by you. Your company can move to a paperless office by embracing this ground breaking technology – looking after the environment and saving you money. International faxes can be quite expensive, depending on the destination and the size of the document being faxed. By purchasing a local number, you can save money on international fax rates by faxing the document to your local number and redirecting the fax overseas.

There are cases where incoming calls do not support faxes, and as this is not due to our technology, there is unfortunately nothing Asia Registry can do to assist in these cases.

Video call suppport

World numbers’ unique technology does support video calls, although this is dependent on whether the carrier supports video calls. Our phone numbers will convert and work with numerous different technologies; however the success of a video call is dependent on the incoming call rather than our technology. There are cases where incoming calls do not support video calls, and as this is not due to our technology, there is unfortunately nothing Asia Registry can do to assist in these cases.

Outbound calls

You can make outbound international calls at a fraction of normal call rates. When you need to make an international call, you can divert your local number to the international number you need to call. Simply make a local call which will be redirected to the international destination. Our unique international call-forwarding technology enables you to dramatically reduce your International calls costs.

Call blocking

Asia Registry has an advanced feature that identifies all incoming calls and enables you to block any calls at any time. Actively manage your incoming calls using your address book and screen those calls you’d rather not receive.

Contacts management

Access to your Asia Registry account comes with a detailed address book. The address book can be used to store contact telephone numbers and addresses, and it allows you to store numbers for easy redirection. You can quickly and accurately redirect your numbers using one of the stored contacts in your address book, without the need to enter or remember any phone numbers.

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