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  • .per.sg Domain Names are available for registration

    Asia Registry is pleased to offer domain registration services for .per.sg domain names to the general public. Register your .per.sg today with Asia's trusted domain name registrar.

  • Requirements
    Only Singaporean citizens above the age of 21 are able to register .PER.SG domain names. A copy of the individuals national ID card is required.

.per.sg - Singaporean Domain Registration

Many business worldwide would find it advantageous to locate their headquarters in Singapore due to its strong trade and investment. It is also a safe and stable country which does not have any natural disasters. Singapore is a leading provider of services such as international banking, trade finance, insurance, treasury operations, etc in Asia Pacific. Companies in Singapore can also easily tap into the diverse capital markets and financial services from more than 600 local and off-shore financial institutions. Instra Corporation is one of the first foreign registrars that are accredited directly by the Singapore Network Information Center (SGNIC).

If you have any questions regarding the registration process for .per.sg domains, don't hestitate to contact us.

.per.sgdomain information

Annual: $79.00
Update: $0.00
Trade: $0.00
Transfer: $0.00
Restore: $11.90
Minimum registration: 1 year
Maximum registration: 2 years
Renewal term: instant
Registration time: 1 days
Min-length: 1
Max-length: 64
Numbers: allowed
Hyphen: allowed
IDN: Not supported

Singaporeat a glance

Capital: Singapore
Population: 5460302
Area: 269 Square Miles 697 Square Kilometers
Language: Chinese (official), Malay (official and national), Tamil (official), English (official)
Calling code: +65
CCTLD .per.sg
Registration date:
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